The city where every dream becomes reality

Elegant, precious, inimitable, funny and romantic: these are the adjectives that perfectly represent this magical city. Because Venice, a fascinating lagoon city, is a place where emotions prevail over rationality, a city where to get lost, love and being seduced by its alleys and canals.

A box of liquor chocolate

This is how Truman Capote, an American writer, screenwriter and actor, defined this magical city: "Venice is like eating an entire box of chocolate with liquor at once." The magic of Venice is unique and has enchanted every heart that has set foot there. A gondola ride is one of the best ways to admire the ancient buildings that emerge from the water between its bridges and characteristic inns.

Venice and its riches

The city center, the capital of the Veneto region, consists of 118 islands, with 176 canals and 435 bridges. The city, for its urban peculiarities and for its artistic heritage, has been declared together with its lagoon World Heritage Site by UNESCO. The beating heart of the city is the beautiful St Mark’s Square, the most elegant drawing room in Europe. The square is surrounded by works of unquestionable value: the imposing Bell Tower and the Basilica with decorations of marble and mosaics that give a preview of the splendor and richness of the interior; the Ducal Palace and the Torre dei Mori, known as the Clock Tower, as a masterpiece of engineering that for centuries marks the time of Venice. But Venice is not only that. The city is surrounded by smaller islands that, like small gems, enrich the majesty of the Venetian Lagoon: Burano, famous mainly for its lace-making; Murano, for its glassware; Pellestrina, characterized by sand dunes and high reeds and Torcello, one of the oldest human settlements in the area.

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