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Cruises and much more

The ABSOLUT yacht for enjoying moments of pure pleasure.

Charter a luxury yacht to discover the splendid shores of the Adriatic Sea, and be endlessly amazed by the variety of panoramas, traditions and natural beauty. Absolut looks forward to welcoming you in Venice, one of the world’s most picturesque harbours.

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Experience an unforgettable cruise. Absolut can take you wherever you desire.
A crew always at your disposal, luxurious and comfortable cabins, and dedicated cuisine will make your cruise a unique experience…as unique as Absolut.


Parties, romantic dinners, aperitifs with dinner in the Venetian lagoon, events: all become unique moments when spent with us.
Absolut is also the perfect location for business gatherings, dinners and meetings.

Personalised itineraries

What’s your next port of call? Enjoy the unique pleasure of choosing your destination on a swift luxury boat. The liberty of deciding where to go with a crew that is always ready to set sail.

Boat & Breakfast

is enjoying an all-round experience in a dimension between the land and the sea ... sleeping on the yacht and having breakfast on the deck, with the reflections of the waters of the Venetian lagoon sparkling all around you.
Is being able to rent a cabin or charter the entire yacht.

ABSOLUT is a unique experience in the Adriatic Sea.
Do you already know what you want?

The Absolut yacht

Aboard the Absolut, you can organize your events and personalized cruises to explore the magnificent landscapes of the Adriatic Sea.

Cruises and much more